Iron and Steel


Kaptan Demir Çelik;

Every year; 1,400,000 tons of logs, 1,000,000 tons of rebar...!

in 1964, iron and steel production started with the first rolling mill established in Karabük. Today, it produces at international standards with a steel mill, rolling mill, oxygen plant located in the Trakya produces internationally certified iron and steel for world Sundays with its 1,400,000 ton/year billet capacity steel mill and 2 rolling mills with a total capacity of 1,400,000 ton/year construction iron.


Founded in 2002 in the Marmara Ereğlisi, the region's only steel mill, KDÇ, has a production capacity of 1.4 million tons of billet iron per year. KDÇ Steelworks is located 7km from the port facilities of Martaş and 5km from the main road.