Pet Recycling

Granules for food packaging.

Kaptan Recycling Technologies started producing PET granules at the Hayrabolu Organized Industrial Zone facility in 2015. The purpose of the organization is to ensure that PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is a big problem for our nature, is recycled and reused in industry. In October 2019, Kaptan Recycling started producing FDA approved PET flake (PET burr) and R-PET (recycled PET) suitable for food, which decomposes PET from garbage, developing the philosophy of respect and responsibility for the environment with additional investments. It is the only facility in Turkey that provides 100% R-PET production. The installed capacity is 12 thousand tons per year, 21 in production.the most advanced technology of the XVIII century is used.


Water saving; Water is an indispensable resource in the recycling process. Recycling from the Container saves water in production by re-treating its own water in a closed system so as not to leave contaminated water to nature.
Energy saving; It saves 24,000 BTU of energy when one kilogram of PET is recycled. Recycling with PET used in production reduces energy use by 66.7%. During the recycling production process, the Captain reduces the energy requirement in the PET area to a minimum.
Saving pure oil;Recycling from the container saves pure oil by reducing the amount of first-hand PET products used in the production of pure oil thanks to its technology.

Our Technology

Input; PET garbage consisting of household and industrial waste
Process I (PET Burr); Sorting, Crushing, Washing, Drying, Sorting
Process II (R-PET); Drying, Extrusion and Degassing, Melting, Filtration, Palletizing
The Resulting Product; FDA approved, food-grade R-PET resin

Kaptan recycling;

It produces high-quality PET burrs and R-PET by processing waste PET with the technology it uses,

The R-PET resin produced using the technology can be used in all applications where pure PET is used,

It produces polymers using the most advanced machines from leading equipment manufacturers and includes the latest innovations in the field of polymer processing.

Our Products

Mixed-colored burrs
100% transparent burrs
Bluish transparent burrs
Green burrs

Our products are produced at the desired price and all of them are suitable for food packaging.
Transparent granules for textiles
Transparent granules for packaging
Colored granules.