Human Resources

Our Human Resources Values

Yaşar Kaptan Çebi;

the greatest strength is respect, and the basic principles of life should be respect for nature, people and work.

We have achieved our successes together with all our employees, from production to sales, from marketing to transportation. Now we are going on for the better, for the best. KGIK, high standard, best value adopts targeted human resources management. KGIK informs our employees about the values and goals of Kaptan Group and their expectations from them. KGIK aims to create a safe healthy work environment and internal communication within the organization. It creates and manages all the training periods necessary for the highest quality and better service. It is organized by KGIK and shared with our employees. We want and expect our employees and those who want to work in KG to be respectful of nature, people, work, as well as to be self-developing, participating and sharing people, to provide better and better service.