Iron and Steel

Our Environmental and Occupational Health Management Policy


Kaptan Demir Çelik As the only steel producer in the Trakya Region, we strive to protect the tourist structure and agricultural areas of the region for Respect for Nature, People and Work, Sustainable Development and a Livable World,
For this purpose;
To implement, ensure continuous development and improvement of ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 45001 Occupational Health, Safety and Sustainability Management Systems established integrally,
The People of the Region and Our Other Stakeholders;
To meet Environmental, OHS, Human Rights and Socio-economic needs, to establish and develop relationships with effective communication patterns, to comply with responsible procurement principles and to conduct a business approach that respects ethical values, against all kinds of discrimination, to promote equality of opportunity,
To comply with all kinds of legal regulations and other obligations related to our activities, to understand the risks and opportunities that arise as a result of our interaction with our stakeholders, to identify and to decisively approach events to reduce risks,
To all our employees;
To provide awareness-raising trainings related to the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and to ensure that they work without getting occupational disease and having an occupational accident, To provide all our employees with a working environment that promotes and supports their mental health and well-being,
for the purpose of pollution prevention;
using the best available technologies, we Tuesday to minimize the environmental impact of our emissions and hazardous waste, reduce emissions from production and transportation activities, use natural resources and water efficiently, reduce energy consumption,
to increase the reusability of existing waste to recycle, reduce waste and maximize the use of recycled materials by sending back to the nature and to contribute to the proper disposal if we are to win,
It is our greatest duty to make our employees feel that they are working in a safe environment, respectful of people, environmentally friendly, respectful of work.

Chairman of The Board of Directors
EYS-ÇİSP-010 Rev3