Nur Shipping ; Ship Rental

Safe transportation to all ports of the world at all times.

As a ship leasing department; Freight brokerage

Nur shipping leasing department has undertaken the transportation of approximately 1,250,000 mt export and 1,000,000 mt import products of Kaptan Group to all over the world, especially Europe, Central and South America, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Far East annually. In addition, it also connects import, export and transit cargoes belonging to 3 parties all over the world as a competitive broker.

Ship brokerage

Nur shipping leasing department also serves as an exclusive broker for the leasing of ships within the group's operating company, Çebi Kaptan Denizcilik.

Vessels served as exclusive brokers

Elgiznur Çebi 57500 DWT-Dökmeci-2009 construction
Çebihan 57500 DWT-Dökmeci-2009 construction
Senanur Çebi 56000 DWT-Foundry-2011 construction
Minanur Çebi 1 34000 DWT-Foundry-2011 construction
Sea Dolphin C 34000 DWT-Foundry-Made in 2011


Vessels December the range of 25-55,000 DWT are rented and served as operators for the transportation of export cargoes of Kaptan Grub.


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