Investing in industry and education for a prosperous and developed Turkey

15 July Martyrs Vocational And Technical Anatolian High School

Yaşar Kaptan Çebi, the founder of Kaptan Group, who has more than 50 years in the industry, carries out social responsibility projects in cooperation with National Education as an entrepreneur who has a heart for education. Yaşar Kaptan Çebi, who was elected Industrialist of the Year in the Thrace Region in 2004 with his investments in the region, has made attempts to build schools in the region in order to contribute to his country in the field of education. YAŞAR KAPTAN Çebi Industrial Vocational High School, which was completed in 2016, was renamed as Şehitler Vocational And Technical Anatolian High School on July 15 in memory of the martyrs after the coup attempt in our country and was delivered to National Education.

the project, which started with the signing of the protocol in Tekirdağ Governorate on 04/04/2011, was temporarily accepted by the Directorate of National Education of Tekirdağ Governorate on 14/04/2016 and brought to education.

The school, built by the philanthropic businessman Yaşar Kaptan Çebi in order to contribute to the economy of the country and the region, consists of a middle school and 2 independent workshop buildings on 22 acres of land. the school has 16 classrooms, 1 physics, 1 chemistry laboratory, 1 computer room, football- basketball-volleyball courts and a conference hall for 350 people, and the student capacity of the school is 544.

It will provide co-education in the field of Electrical and Electronic Technology, Metallurgical Technology, Metal Technology, Machine Technology.