Elgiznur Çebi and Chebihan, in the maritime fleet


Engin Özçelik, who increased the number of ships in the fleet with ships named STX Jinhae inşaat Elgiznur Çebi and Çebihan, said that the ships were nationalized by drawing the Turkish flag and they went on an expedition.
Çebi Shipping and Trade. A.Sh. Engin Özçelik board member and general manager of the global economic crisis as the group continue its investments in line with their management strategies in Vinegar Hill, noting that “tershane STX Jinhae in South Korea, built in the ship type dwt Supramax dry goods dokmeyuk two 57.500 quietly,taking the months of March and April we’ve put in the time period,” he said.Engin Ozcelik, who announced that the ceremony was held on STX Jinhae in March for the first of the ships, Elgiznur Chebi, Chebi Marine and Tic. A.The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company Ahmet Nur Çebi and his wife Berna Çebi named the ship after their daughter Elgiznur at the ceremony of the MV Elgiznur Çebi dry bulk carrier of 57,500 dwt, Berna Çebi also named the ship on March 13 söyledi.MV The Turkish flag was hoisted on the Elgiznur Çebi ship on March 16 and it was nationalized.
Ships are on the Turkish flag
2 on April 6, after a happy handover ceremony. stating that they took delivery of the new ship Çebihan with a ceremony at the STX Jinhae Shipyard, Engin Özçelik continued:”In this ceremony, Çebi Denizcilik ve Tic. A.Ş Board Member Tayfun Çebi and his wife Arzu Çebi were present.Arzu Çebi was the name mother of the 57,500 dwt Çebihan and on April 8, the Turkish flag was taken down and nationalized.Noting that the number of dry bulk carriers in the Chebi Maritime fleet has increased to 4 with the participation of Elgiznur Chebi and Chebihan dry bulk carriers, Engin Ozcelik said: “Senanur Chebi with 16,134 dwt on the other two dry bulk carriers in our fleet is a ship built in a very purposeful 1999 Selah Shipyard.The first step was Alfamar, which joined our fleet in 2002.
Our second ship with a capacity of 18,830 dwt with the name Minanur Çebi was launched on February 25, 2005 in Japan- Yamanishi Corb. It is a dry bulk carrier built at the shipyard.The dry bulk carriers MV Elgiznnur Çebi and Çebihan, which we built and delivered at the STX Jinhae Shipyard, are NK class like our first two ships and are registered to the UK Pandi club.it has a full length of 190 mt, a width of 32.26 mt.The main machines are STX MAN B&W 6 S50 MC-C(MK& II) type and they have a power of 12.900 bhp per 127 min/cycle.

The ships also have 3 x STX MAN B&W Holeby 6L 16/24 generators.The ships are equipped with 4 buckets with a kreyn capacity of 4 x 30 tons and each of them is operated by remote control.”
Explaining that they do the operation and leasing of the ships themselves, Engin Özçelik gave the following information: “Our general operating policy is not based on conditions such as connecting our ships and our own cargo.We consider shipownership as a more original business.If you have better conditions, we will ship our 3. we rent it to individuals.If it is necessary to make a comment in connection with the global crisis, we have been able to operate our first two existing ships in much more comfortable conditions over the past months.Because these ships were chartered for a long time.Thus, we took advantage of the current rental conditions in a crisis environment.However, when the rental period expires, as a result of the new rental conditions, there could be much lower freight charges.Nevertheless, we were able to operate our ships without incurring operational losses.”Especially South Korea and Japan, which were previously made of the new build contracts to be cancelled tershane vast Özçelik keen demand, indicating a very high technology and investment, with tershane of the government of this country, but very short-term delays in recalling ended his speech with words that give a positive answer to: “The construction of our last two ships was already underway at the beginning of the global crisis.We have only delayed the delivery times by one month with mutual negotiations.However, it is certain that these giant shipyards rightly view cancellation requests very negatively, which will negatively affect their operating costs.As for us, we will pay off the installments of our debts incurred with these ships for several years, and we have decided to expand our fleet”.Industrial and commercial enterprises belonging to the Kaptan Group of Companies, In addition to its port and iron and steel factories and energy facilities in Marmara Ereğli, it has also turned to shipbuilding and repair shipyard investment.Nur Shipping and Trade Inc., one of the companies of the Group of Companies that owns the Trabzon Yeniçam Shipyard, which was established on 500 acres, is one of the companies.Stating that they received it through leasing on behalf of the Branch, Engin Özçelik said about the shipyard investment: “We are at the stage of preparing their projects.Trabzon Sürmene Yenicam Shipyard, mendireği and berth construction have been completed.”