Martas is the main port of the region ….

MARITIME TRADE 5 July 2007. Osman Özçelik interview ahead vast

Çebi Denizcilik A.Sh. General Manager Engin Özçelik explained that with the extension of the Martaş Port Pier for another 100 meters, Capesize dry bulk carriers can easily dock at Martaş with a full load.
Captain Çebi Denizcilik A., Who pointed out that the daily scrap evacuation for Iron and Steel Industry facilities exceeded the limit of 10,000 tons.Sh. Engin Özçelik, General Manager, said that they carried out an average of 15,000 tons of billet iron and steel finished product loading per day for iron and steel finished product loading. Özçelik noted that Martaş is a very important port for the export of iron and steel products manufactured at the Kaptan Iron and Steel Industry factory, as well as dry bulk ships belonging to the import of scrap iron and steel belonging to the Kaptan Group of Companies.

evacuation of 10 thousand tons of scrap
Engin Özçelik reminded that Martaş is open to third-party companies and said that the share of services in this area is about 20 percent of the total Martaş port activity. Stating that increasing the annual handling capacity of Martaş is inevitable given the increase in import and export cargoes, Özçelik announced that an intensive effort has been made to serve at full capacity by the end of this year due to the fact that the annual capacity has reached 2.5 million tons. Stating that the daily scrap evacuation continues as a total of 10 thousand tons and more, Engin Özçelik gave the following information;”I must say that an average of 15,000 tons per day is loaded as the production of Kaptan Demir Çelik Industrisi. We also intend to increase the share of services provided to ships or cargoes owned by third-party companies in Martaş.”

Kaptan Iron and Steel Industry and Trade of Kaptan Group of Companies. The iron and steel factory represented by AŞ, Kaptan Metal Foreign Trade and Transport INC, Çebi Denizcilik ve Tic. AŞ, Çebi Enerji Üretim A.Ş., Nur Shipping and Trade. Emphasizing that AŞ and Martaş Port Facilities consist of AŞ, Engin Özçelik said about port investments; “We have completed all our investment projects to ensure that Martaş Port can respond to the freight demands of the day and the future in the most effective way, and the work we have been carrying out with official authorities since last year was completed before April.”

the ramp is being put into service
Özçelik,”The current pier is still 87.5 meters. We will extend this pier for another 100 meters. The seabed depth at the pier is 14.5 meters. The depth of the sea in the coastal area where we are located brings another very important advantage to Martaş when we extend forward. With this, Capesize dry bulk carriers will be able to dock or load at Martaş with full load easily,”he said.
The extension also plan martas Ro/Ro Quay and Ro/Ro ships Ro/Ro ramp, stating that there are, Özçelik, said; “as defined in the Marco Polo project close limanlararas shipments in the EU, especially in terms of industry and trade flows around the Marmara Sea, expresses utmost importance. It will be possible to pull very heavy trucks and trucks made by road from Martaş to the sea on the Gemlik, Bandırma, Mudanya, Derince line with the Marmara Ereğlisi region where Martaş is located. For this purpose, as Çebi Denizcilik, we will start regular flights on these lines this summer by purchasing two or more Ro/Ro ships on behalf of our group or by having them built when the time comes.
Çebi Denizcilik and Nur Shipping companies are sister companies and carry out shipowner and brokerage activities together. Our goal is also to replenish the fleet that we have. Currently, we have an 18,830 dwt foundry ship built in Yamanishi in 2005, a 16,134 dwt Sena Nur Çebi multi-purpose ship built in 1999, and a 6,316 dwt Elgiz Nur Çebi dry cargo ship built in 1985 in our fleet. Mina Nur Çebi has an important role in US-Turkey transportation.
Sena Nur Chebi works on the Atlantic line, while Elgiz Nur Chebi, on the contrary, carries cargo between the Mediterranean and the Black Dec.”
Every port in Turkey must establish a waste collection facility
Stating that every port is obliged to build a waste collection facility or to cooperate with a nearby port that has established such a facility, Özçelik concluded his words as follows; “The criminal provisions of the laws are very severe. First of all, instead of thinking about the high price of the punishment, it is necessary to act with environmental awareness. Nevertheless, it is important for official organizations to maintain their legal audits very effectively before working to create environmental awareness and to apply the laws effectively enough to be considered flawless. Jul: Because the only way the seas can stay clean is to raise people’s awareness and to make ships waste, such as industrial waste treatment plants, and this issue should be very strictly controlled.”

Çebi group of companies investments in various industrial and trade sectors of iron and steel as an example of a joint study with the captain of a Japanese group showed significant improvement, indicating that the Vast Ozcelik, it is still in the project phase of the study, if approved by both parties, except shipping, could be invested in other areas, he added..