You, me, us, we're all together all the time.

we thought together,
we had dinner at the same table.
with our life-giving power
we made iron from fire,
we've been together for a while
we have become iron and steel from fire.
the day is ending,
who is winning
you and I are winning...

i'm blue orange
we are running and working all day long
with our life-saving power
we produce...
the day is ending,
who win?
you, me, we are winning...
the day is ending,
who win?
you, me, we are winning...
no one knows about us,
our mark on the steel,
we know ourselves.

you and me
to think and produce together
our love is to learn again.
day or night
we've been here for 50 years.
we are glad that we scored a goal,
we were upset, of course, when we scored.
we had fun together ,
we won together.

we left the carpet together,
we sat next to each other the next day
he's at the same table.
we dared, we asked questions,
we've discovered it.
the new one, ourselves, us.
we met around the same table,
we entered the house of friends,
we're here to make hearts.
we produced it in our own terms
iron, steel.
we set records
in the marmara sea.

it's been a long time, we were born again
we loved it again,
we shared our joy together
this is the joy of all of us,
we all had fun together,
this is the fun of all of us,
the wedding is ours, the circumcision is ours.
you're the captain, I'm the captain.