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The chairman of the board of directors of Kaptan Group is Mr.Within the scope of Yaşar Kaptan Çebi's and Kaptan Grup's educational support, the construction of a Technical Vocational High School was started in Marmara Ereğli. Yaşar Kaptan EML; The school building with 16 classrooms will consist of a metal works and machinery department.

The creators meet with their computers. Fevzipasha Primary School Gumushane

Kaptan Grup; instead of gifts, we prefer to support the creators of tomorrow

The goal for the Captain Group To provide computer services to the creators of tomorrow who live in different geographies, from tools that will increase their creativity. To create a perception of Social Responsibility and social benefits instead of individual gifts and privileges in the internal perception of the company. Application for the Captain Group In the internal perception, it has been replaced by the demands of the school and the creators who need to be reached instead of the individual gift period and demands. With this concept, computers and printers have been delivered to creators who have lived in different geographies in the past years.

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I would like to read the story of the construction of the 15th of July Martyrs Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. 2007 - 2016

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