Cebi Storage

The port has advantageous storage as well.

In the silo system consisting of 10 silos and 2 vehicle scales, where materials such as bulk cement, slag that come by ship or by land can be stocked, silos can be filled at the same time through the coil-bellows system and silobases can also be loaded into silos using compressors located on them. Storage services are provided to our customers within the scope of contracts concluded with companies.


The reinforced concrete warehouse with a floor area of 5,100 m2 consists of 3 independent sections of sizes 90mx30m, 40mx30m and 40mx30m, and the entrance door of each section is separate. Bulk cargoes (wheat, corn, canola, bulk cement, slag..etc.) it is possible to store all kinds of products such as packaged loads (packaged cement, soda, pulp, bagged flour), iron and steel products. There is a fire alarm system, an outlet and sufficient lighting in the warehouses. Warehouses can be rented on a monthly and long-term basis. In addition, open and industrial concrete areas located in the Çebi landfill are also rented as open storage areas.