All together for a better life

From the first step to the present; we contribute to the Turkish Economy with our investments in demirçelik, maritime, port, transportation, energy, mining, recycling and shipyard fields and our experience of more than 50 years.


Energy; our quality standard absolutely indispensable.

The other field of activity of the Kaptan Group is the energy sector, which is an indispensable source of economy and quality of life. In order to increase the quality of life in Turkey and to meet the needs of our industry, electrical energy should be sustainable, production in a competitive and environmentally friendly way is a requirement of the age. 64.3 MW natural gas combined cycle power plant established in Tekirdağ in 2003; Kaptan has met the energy needs of the Group for many years. Kaptan Group is looking for renewable energy investment opportunities in order to meet its energy needs.

Kaptan Group started its first investments in energy generation, one of the most basic needs of our country, in 2003 with Cebi Energy. EIA positive certificate has been obtained for the coal-fired power plant with an installed capacity of 2x350 MW, which it plans to establish in Tekirdağ Marmara Ereğlisi district, and license and project studies are continuing.